Welcome to DTCC: From Where We Stand, a new thought leadership series focusing on the issues and innovations that are transforming the global financial services industry. Here, we will share our insights on the fintech revolution, enablers of future innovation, the critical role of market infrastructures, the challenges of today’s complex regulatory environment and more.

With more than 40 years of proven post-trade experience, we are helping the industry meet new challenges; continually improving the world’s most resilient, secure and efficient market infrastructure; and pioneering industry-wide, post-trade solutions while processing more than 100 million transactions every day.

User owned and governed, we’re focused on delivering what is best for the financial industry, our clients and investors; advancing solutions to meet complex operational, risk and regulatory challenges; and providing a safe, secure and cost-effective way to do business.

From where we stand, we have an informed perspective on how to mitigate risk, increase transparency, provide greater efficiencies and strengthen the security of the financial markets.

We are securing today and shaping tomorrow.

From where we stand at the center of securities trading activity, DTCC has a unique vantage point to anticipate and lead change to protect and shape the future of the capital markets. Watch Mike Bodson, DTCC’s President and CEO, discuss how DTCC is taking action to improve the financial marketplace.