From where we stand:Shaping A Safer Future

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From Where We Stand, of all the changes resulting from the financial crisis, risk management has undergone the most dramatic evolution. With systemic shocks seeming to occur more frequently and with greater impact than ever before, learn how the role of risk management has never been more critical to the stability of the financial system.
  • Systemic Risk Barometer Risk management has evolved in scope and responsibility in response to a more complex risk framework and increased demands from regulators for greater accountability and transparency.
  • Market infrastructures play a critical role in protecting the stability and integrity of the global financial system and creating the solutions that enable financial firms to mitigate risk.
  • From where we stand, we believe market infrastructures have an even bigger role to play in the future.
  • At DTCC, we actively engage with our industry partners to ensure the long-term stability of the marketplace.
  • In addition, we leverage our vast network to identify emerging risk trends to help firms stay one step ahead of potential systemic shocks.
    • For example, the work we’ve done on interconnectedness risk has raised awareness of the issue and helped firms begin mapping out their interconnections.
  • We also have a seat at the table with policymakers and industry leaders to shape industry-wide responses and solutions related to risk.
  • For example, we are playing a key role in the debate over cyber-security – advocating for stronger public-private partnerships to tackle challenges in a more holistic way.
  • You may not be aware of the work we do behind the scenes, but DTCC is focused every day on protect the stability and integrity of the global financial system.

Andrew Gray, DTCC Group Chief Risk Officer, and Stephen Scharf, DTCC Chief Security Officer, discuss how DTCC uses its unique vantage point and collaborative approach to promote market safety and stability.

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