From Where We Stand, market utilities provide a social good that can help restore and maintain trust and confidence in the financial system among the investing public. Learn more about our perspective and how DTCC is helping to make markets safer and more efficient.

In this video, DTCC Head of Agency Clearing Services, Murray Pozmanter, discusses three ways that DTCC is making the markets safer and more efficient.

  • Restoring Trust in the Financial System – For DTCC, performing a social good means bringing stability to the markets on a daily basis, working with regulators to provide the proper amount of risk oversight, and creating an environment where trust can be rebuilt.
  • Spearheading New Technologies - As the industry looks for solutions that will bring greater safety and efficiency to the markets,  DTCC is helping lead the way on how new technologies, like blockchain, can best be integrated into the financial system.
  • Collaborating with the Industry to Ensure Market Safety – DTCC is uniquely positioned to work with the industry to develop new solutions. For example, the benefits of moving to the T+2 settlement cycle may not be apparent to an end investor, but it will vastly reduce risk.

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